Google Play Store

Fresh look for Play Store

Google Play Store, the ultimate Android apps marketplace, received a major update with a lighter new fresh look, more accessible and more categorised. This new design, is based on cards … More →

car speed watcher

Car Speed Watcher

Car Speed Watcher is a free tool to monitor you car speed. With Car Speed Watcher you can define a speed limit alert. Car Speed Watcher warns you before you … More →

dish aligner

Dish Aligner

Dish Aligner  is a free Android app,  designed to help you point your dish to the satellite you want. It is not a tool for measuring the signal strength received. … More →

Gps Notes Free

GPS Notes Free

Gps notes free, is a free Android app that lets you take a geotagged notes with a lot of information you could need such as : Latitude and Longitude. Accuracy. … More →